'Better for you bread'

Anthony and Sons Bakery is excited to unveil our latest innovation.

Our New “Avocado Seeds & Grains Bread” made with Guacamole Spice!


We’re excited to deliver an item that’s on-trend, healthy, clean label, and vegan. Packed with grains and flavor that offer a ton of benefits.


One powerful loaf of avocado bread makes for a delicious sandwich or perfect as a stand-alone, toasted for breakfast or as an addition to any meal.


Loaded with grains such as Sunflower, Oats, and Cracked Wheat. Not only are there grains in the interior crumb, but we have also enrobed the loaf with an exterior crust of grains.


The spice added gives a hint of Guacamole flavor mixed with fresh Avocado, making this bread one of the most desirable  ‘good for you’ breads to consumers today.


Anthony & Sons Bakery is revolutionizing the bakery industry, with our new Avocado Bread!

the benefits of avocado

Avocados are not only healthy; they’re also incredibly delicious and go with many types of food.


They have a creamy, rich, fatty texture and blend well with other ingredients.


Today, we have taken bread to the next level by using delicious ripe avocados and adding them to our special formulated blend for additional benefits with an assortment of key grains and guacamole spices that deliver an amazing flavor in every bite.


Rather then mashing avocado on the top of toast, why not try our New Avocado Seeds & Grains bread, you have all the flavor you need in one slice…

“We set out to create a unique, ‘better for you’ bread filled with the health benefits of avocados, and the result is delicious!”

Baldo Dattolo

CEO of Anthony & Sons Bakery